A Brazilian Affair

A Brazilian Affair

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New York, NY- It was April 9th, on a cloudy Thursday, in the modern and chic apartment of Maria Inês Moraes and Alex Dzieduszycki, founders of Da Terra Brasil Foundation,

Maria Ines & Alex

Maria Inês Moraes and Alex Dzieduszycki

where beautiful paintings of Erick Vittorino decorated every wall, and a team of Brazilian enthusiasts celebrated the country’s art and culture.



I had the honor to participate in the organization of this event benefiting Da Terra Brasil Foundation and its campaign Brazil on Wheels. It all came together in a very interesting way. A few years ago, I met the young and promising artist (Erick). We kept in touch and I became one of the many admirers of his talent. I wrote an article about him in this blog, and Maria Inês Moraes read it. Fast-forward, she met with Erick and not only became friends with him, but a big supporter of his art as well.

We started to work on the event a few months ago and brought Erick’s curator Isabella Garrucho to join us in association.

Team of 4

Leticia Moreinos Schwartz, Isabella Garrucho, Maria Ines Moraes and Erick Vittorino

Erick has an intimate relationship with his roots and a lot of flexibility in his style. As usual, he made everyone in the room see his paintings as valuable as any museum-quality masterpiece, treading modern line mixed with Brazilian shapes and colors.


There are handmade silhouettes of woman of every nuance, and a four-set painting of Copacabana’s boardwalk that left everyone drooling.


My own cookbooks were a fun part of event as well. I was delighted to see so many Americans, Brazilians, Venezuelans, Mexicans, Indians and all nationalities interested in our culinary history, buying books for themselves and for loved ones. (It does make a great gift, if I may say so!)

Leticia Sign Books copy

The reward was evident. We donated half of the sales from paintings and books to Da Terra Brasil Foundation, whose mission is to support and improve the lives of the poor and disabled in Brazil. The foundation is currently focusing on two initiatives: Lar Dos Velinhos, a facility that provides a safe haven for the elderly, the sick and the poor in the city of Piranga, where Maria Inês comes from—and Brazil on Wheels, distributing wheelchairs to the thousands of disabled people across Brazil, many of them homebound, who cannot afford them. Maria Inês goes often of her home state and meet with the recipients herself.

The atmosphere of the event was casual, fun, and happy— supported by a beautiful cause—making people feel immediately comfortable. Among many attendees, were Director of the Brazil-American Chamber of Commerce James Rosenstein and wife Carolina,

Ruthe Phillips, James Rosenstein and wife Carolina

Ruthe Phillips, James Rosenstein and wife Carolina

Alex, Misitra Lucia, Mariana Benevides e Josiane Dias

Alex, Minister Lucia, Mariana Benevides and Josiane Dias


Leticia Erick Ines com livro

Leticia, Erick and Maria Ines

Thank you all for coming!

To have more information about how you too can contribute to Da Terra Brasil Foundation, visit the web site www.daterrabrasil.org.

Thank you also to Arilda Costa, not only for participating in the event, but documenting and supplying photos for this article.

To get in touch with Arilda Costa, e-mail: [email protected]

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