Chocolate Ganache Squares Recipe

Chocolate Ganache Squares Recipe

You might need to make up two batches of these Chocolate Ganache Squares Recipe, one as a food gift and one to keep to yourself!

Banana Bread

How to Make The Best Banana Bread

You probably think you don’t need another recipe for banana bread, right? But I am here to tell you that you absolutely must try this

How to Make Pudim Abade de Priscos

In this post, we learn How to Make Pudim Abade de Priscos, a wonderful Portuguese flan, first cousin degree to the classic Creme Caramel, very


Nespera Sweet Brazilian Fruit

Passion fruit, coconut, pineapple, papaya, and mango are some of the first fruits associated with Brazil. But one of my favorite fruits from home is Nespera,

Blueberry Catupiry Tart

Catupiry Blueberry Tart

    I’ve been thinking about how to use catupiry in desserts. This Catupiry Blueberry Tart is the answer! Other than Romeo and Julieta, a

Chocolate Cupuçú Cake

Chocolate Cupuaçú Cake

This Chocolate Cupuaçú Cake is not a fast recipe, but well worth the time to make it. If you’re looking for Olympian baking, this is

Pudim de Leite

Pudim de Leite

Brazilian Crème Caramel, or Pudim de Leite is a benchmark of Brazilian sweets. Almost every cuisine has its version of flan, but what makes the

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