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From Rio to New York. From Portuguese to English. From economics to culinary. From journalism to 3X author. From TV to communication. Leticia is thirsty for life and exceedingly hungry for progress.

There is a lot to cover for this Brazilian immigrant who is now a dual citizen. Leticia was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. After a B.A. in Economics, she moved to New York City, enrolled at the French Culinary Institute, and worked in prestigious restaurants in Manhattan. She then realized it was an impossible task to be a chef and a mom at the same time. A deep desire to remain working in the food industry pointed her to the food media avenue. She went back to school to study Journalism.

Soon enough, she was the proud author of The Brazilian Kitchen, which won an Award for Best Latin Cookbook. Two more books followed and before she knew it, she was all over TV, working as a correspondent for NBC during the Rio 2016 Olympics and promoting books in media outlets across the country. This exposure led her to America’s Diabetes Challenge, a healthy living campaign sponsored by Merck in collaboration with GCI Health. She was the spokesperson and key communication strategist. During her tenure, the campaign won more than 30 awards in the PR industry. To close the campaign on a soaring high note, she pushed to create A Touch of Sugar, a documentary to change the national perception of type 2 diabetes. The film was nominated for 33 awards and won 15. Leticia also worked as a TV correspondent with NBC Universal during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.

Leticia works in multicultural language platforms in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. As a journalist, she has written hundreds of articles for Bon Appetit, Fine Cooking Magazine, Eating Well, Saveur, CT Bites, Food Republic, Jewish Week, and The Daily Meal.

When the pandemic began and the world turned virtual, she was hired to create digital content and virtual events for brands like Google, Cisco, Entrepreneurs Organization, Next Jump, Definitive Healthcare, Dechert, Dairy West, Phillips, The Skim, Rubicon, Affirm, Schwab, SEIU, and Aquent.

As the pandemic opened a time capsule for self-reflection, Leticia realized that her passion for food gradually led to a career in communication. With that in mind, she went back to school for a certificate in Digital Marketing at Yale University and is now earning a master’s degree in communication at Fairfield University.

Leticia’s vast experience allows her to see all projects with a discerning eye that is always focused on your budget and goals. Connect with Leticia today by sending her an e-mail and get your project to the next level.


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Chef Leticia

Spokesperson & TV HOST

For almost two decades, Leticia has combined dual careers as chef and author with her work as spokesperson and TV host. She is experienced in several aspects of communication, including extensive media training, SMT (satellite media tours), live events and keynote speaking.

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