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Leticia is the author of three cookbooks and a food reporter who is passionate about food & cooking, health & fitness, culture, travel, and education.

Over the years, she has developed a fine appreciation for research and testing to support her work with facts, data, and knowledge. From scouting locations to interviewing chefs, caterers, home cooks, and street vendors, her background as an author is grounded in the most profound curiosity about learning and examining the cultural identity of a specific place. Her books and articles include recipes deeply rooted in people and stories with cultural meaning. Her readers often tell her how their books travel from their kitchens to their bedside tables as they use the recipes and devour the stories.

She is a nationally recognized food personality in the U.S and frequently appears on major network programs such as The Today Show (NBC), CT Live (NBC), Fox News, Sara’s Weeknight Meals (PBS), and more.

As a food reporter, her work has been featured at a variety of web and print media outlets such as The New York Times, Fine Cooking Magazine, Saveur, The Washington Post, Eating Well, MomandIToday, Bon Appetit, LeitesCulinaria, Hollywood Digest, Parade, Houston Style Magazine, Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, CT Bites, Food Republic, The Daily Meal, The Jewish Week, Hadassah Magazine, and more.


Latin Super Foods

“Named one of the best celebrity cookbooks of 2019” by Parade Magazine

Bringing fun, healthy Latin flair to busy American kitchens! Most people associate healthy cooking with boring taste and flavorless foods, but Leticia is on a mission to prove that healthy eating not only can be absolutely delicious, but also that food is medicine, and that by living a healthy lifestyle you can take control of your health and of your life.

Available at bookstores & booksellers including:

Brazilian Kitchen

The Brazilian Kitchen

The Brazilian Kitchen, 100 Classic and Contemporary Recipes for the Home Cook won the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards!

The mixture of these three distinct races, Portuguese, African, and native Indian, is the essence of Brazil. It?s in the face of the people and in the foods they eat. Ingredients like yucca, cornmeal, farofa, and dend? oil used to be seen as peasant food. Now they are considered precious ingredients in modern recipes. THE BRAZILIAN KITCHEN represents Brazil’s diverse regions alongside its famous international cities? offerings. This cookbook is the product of the author’s passion for her country?s cuisine?her aim is to bring Brazil’s favorite foods into American kitchens.

Available at bookstores & booksellers including:

My Rio de Janeiro

Rio’s cuisine is known for its casual settings and reflects various aspects of Brazilian culture. Leticia highlights close to 100 of Rio’s best recipes!

My Rio de Janeiro taps into the rich cuisine of the wildly popular tourist destination, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Cooking teacher and author Leticia Moreinos Schwartz is a Carioca (a person born in Rio) living in the US, and she’s eager to share her passion for her native hometown cooking, bringing you face to face with the dynamic flavors and passionate culinary personalities of Rio de Janeiro.

Available at bookstores & booksellers including:

Words from Colleagues & Mentors

“Cooking is an attitude. It’s also a language, a way of communicating not just something about the way we eat but the world we live in. ”

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