17 Jun 2010 Blog

I last went to Paraty many years ago, on a field trip with my high school. I remember sitting on a 3-hour bus ride with Tatiana El-Mann, a great friend from childhood with whom I remain very close to this day.

On a recent cloudy and humid day, we decided to bring back the old days, literary, and revisit history. Tatiana and I went on a day trip to Paraty, this time joined by her beautiful daughter Nicole (photo below), a 9 year-old going on 13, who seemed more interested in history than we ever were in high school.

Paraty was founded in 1667 and is located on the coast between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Since the old days, the region is cluttered with sugar cane mills producing cachaça. During the XVII and XVIII centuries, a triangle path build by slaves linking Rio de Janeiro – Minas Gerais – São Paulo, known as Caminho do Ouro (gold path) brough even more prosperity and high economic value to Paraty, whose harbours strategically served as a place to ship gold to Portugal. As 1667 turned into 2010, a very handsome African- Brazilian man stands by the church as a model, dressed as a slave.

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