1 Apr 2010 Blog



Lately it became my new favorite word in the English vocabulary. My husband asked me yesterday – ” Why are you having so many epiphanies lately? ” Realistically, there are many reasons I should not be having an epiphany, nonetheless many. Our sink is clogged, my tooth is aching, the American economy is putting 30 years of wrinkles in everybody’s face and while Brazil is emerging as one of the strongest economies, our President Luíz Ignacio Lula da Silva is practicing some pretty bad foreign policy spinouts.


But guess what? My cookbook came out in February. Yes, this past February 2010, to some amazing reviews! Want more? This week the Wall Street Journal published a beautiful section on Brazil titled For Brazil, It’s Finally Tomorrow . Want more? The very next day, the Wall Street Journal published an advertising section just on my hometown Rio de Janeiro. And today I am launching my very own blog. So tell me if I shouldn’t be having an epiphany? Last week I filmed a demo of Molton Dulce de Leche Cake to post on my web site and it came out of the oven with the best runny center ever. Another epiphany. I guess I am in the epiphany phase, and I hope to stay in it for quite some time.

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