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We are in the heart of the summer!!  How to enjoy the remaining days of this beautiful season? A round-up from My Summer Season A to Z might help to keep up with this heat and cheer you up! I have personally selected some words, mundane, personal, and professional, that equal happiness to me. Some words relate to cooking, emotions, and technology. A few words are simply parts of a reality that we can’t escape. Other words are there because I have developed an interest in,  have written about, or am hopeful for. If you like journaling, maybe you can make your list of summer words a fun challenge and it might just make it a little extra special.  I call it My Summer Season A to Z; you might call it anything you want.

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My Summer Season A to A

A for Apricots. Air conditioning. Avocado Toast with Eggs.

Apricots Summer Season
Delicious Apricots during Summer Season

B for Brazil. Basil Lemonade. Biquini. Brigadeiros.

C for Cookbooks. Chocolate Almond Cake. Coconut Water. Cupuacu. Catupiry. Caipirinha.

D for Dinner with Friends. Dulce de Leche. Digital.

E for Education. Essay. Exercise.

F for Friends. Flowers. Fairfield University. Falafel.

Falafel Recipe

G for Gardening. Ginger. Ganache Squares. Green Goddess Sandwich.

H for Hot. Hazy. Humid. Hudson. Hope.

I for IceCream. Indulgence. iPhone. Israel. Immigrants (We get the job done!). Inflation. Intermittent Fasting. Instagram. Inflation.

J for Julia Child. Jewish Recipes. Jalapeno. Juice. Jam.

Julia Child
Julia Child in the set of her original TV Series “The French Chef”

K for Kids. Katie Perry. Kale.

L for Love. Lemonade. Lobster Rolls.

M for Money. MBA. Moon. Memories. Melon with Prosciutto di Parma.

N for Nectarine. Nature.

Nature Summer Season
Beautiful Nature

O for Olana. Olive oil. Onions.

Olana Summer Season Hudson
Olana State Historic Site in Hudson, New York

P for Peace. Pudim de Leite (Flan) Peaches. Pickling. Peppers.

Q for Quinoa. Quesadilla. Quiche.

R for Ricotta Gnocchi. Raspberries. Rhubarb. Radiatore Al Pesto. Reporting.

Rhubarb Summer Season

S for Simplicity. Spinning. Sleep. Study. Sonhos (Portuguese Doughnuts)

T for Treadmill. Tik Tok. Terrarium. Tamales. TV Series. Tres Leches Cake.

U for Uber. Ukraine.

V for Videos. Virtual cooking classes. Virtual everything.

W for Workout. Watermelon. Washing the Dishes. Water. Waves. Writing. Wellness.

X for XX1, this century.

Y for Youth. Yoga. Yale University. Young Adults.

Z for Zoom. Zoho CRM.

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