Chocolate Covered Matzoh Toffee

Chocolate Covered Matzoh Toffee

I write this recipe for Chocolate Covered Matzoh Toffee with a tight heart. As we barely enjoyed the 5 minutes between the pandemic and the Russian-Ukraine War the world continues to navigate uncertain times. The very reason I come here is to offer hope and recipes.

One thing that hasn’t changed in my life is how I feel about cooking, baking, spending time in the kitchen nourishing those we love. When life was normal, cooking has always been my anchor. OK, it can also be a source of stress sometimes, when I have a big job. But it’s always good to stress if you know what I mean. Now that the world has turned upside down, cooking is more therapy than ever.

During Passover, we celebrate the exodus of Jewish slaves from Egypt. We do that with many habits and traditions, like abstaining from eating leavened foods for seven days. Instead of bread, we eat Matzah. You can find it in just about any supermarket.

I am sharing this classic recipe for Chocolate Covered Matzoh Toffee that I discovered through a friend who told me The New York Times has a great version. You don’t have to be Jewish to love this recipe. In fact, I have given these treats to friends from all walks of life, and they loved them! Everyone does!

If you like toffee covered in caramel, you will like this recipe. You can top it with almonds, pecans, or just about any nuts of your preference. The photos are quite helpful in understanding the process. But if you have any questions at all, reach out to me. I’m always here!


Chocolate Covered Matzoh Buttercrunch

Chocolate Covered Matzoh Toffee

Makes one 12 by 15-inch sheet, or about 50 pieces of buttercrunch


4 to 6 matzo boards

1 cup unsalted butter (or parve margarine)

1 cup light brown sugar

½ teaspoon cinnamon

12 oz semi-sweet chocolate Callebaut, chopped

1 cup sliced almonds, lightly toasted and roughly chopped


  • Pre-heat the 350˚F. Line a baking sheet with a silicone mat. Spread the pan with the whole matzoh boards, cutting extra pieces to fit any uncovered spaces. You want to leave the matzohs as whole as possible, but you don’t want to leave any extra space on the sheet pan without matzah. Also, don’t overlap any pieces of matzah.
  • In a medium saucepan, combine the butter and sugar and cook, over medium heat, stirring constantly with a whisk until the mixture comes to a boil. At first, the mixture will separate, but as you mix constantly, it will come together in a beautiful caramel. Continue boiling and whisking for an extra 3 minutes. Add the cinnamon and whisk well.
  • Immediately pour over the matzoh and using an off-set spatula, spread the caramel all over. Do not worry about covering both sides of the matzoh boards; spread only on the side facing up. Caramel Covered Matzoh Toffee
  • Place the sheet pan with matzoh caramel in the oven and bake for 10 to 15 minutes, checking after 10 minutes to make sure the mixture is not burning.
  • Remove from the oven and immediately sprinkle the chocolate all over the sheet pan.

Chocolate Covered Matzoh Bark

Let it stand for 5 minutes, then use an off-set spatula to spread the melted chocolate evenly and thinly over the matzoh.

  • Sprinkle with toasted almonds and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  • While the matzah is still “wet”, cut the candy into squares, or simply, just break it into pieces with your hands. Chill in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Bring it bag to room temperature and let it rest and set. At this point, you can keep the matzah buttercrunch in a covered container for up to 1 week, or in the refrigerator for 3 weeks.


You might also enjoy this recipe for Latin Jewish Charoset For Passover.

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