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Susan Miller's Wall Calendar
Miller’s calendar has gorgeous illustrations by Izac Zenou. Each image is an inspiration for the month.


With a clutch of top celebrity clients, Susan Miller is finding strength in her work to help others—and herself.

“You’re going to walk again,” wrote the editor of a horoscope magazine replying to Susan Miller’s letter when she was a young teenager sitting by the bed of a hospital, a place she knew all too well from the ages of 9 to 14 when walking became a challenge.

Miller didn’t go to school like regular kids, due to continued serious health issues in her youth. Something you can’t tell when you meet her today and get lost in the depth and excitement of her conversation, unless she tells you the story —which she does because it left such a deep print on her soul and impacted all aspects of her life.

Although Miller didn’t have a typical childhood, she did go to college and graduated from New York University with a major in business. “If you have a major in business, you’ll always find work”, she recalls her father’s words.

With a lot of faith and physical therapy Miller rose and left the health challenges she faced all in the past. She got married, had kids, and moved on working for several years as a commercial agency photographer, not embracing what would later become her biggest talent: the study of the zodiac.

“My mom was an astrologer, but she didn’t want me to be one. She knew astrology inside out and backward and told me that you have to study astrology for 12 years to be good at it.”

Her two daughters, Christiane and Diane are now grown adults and Miller is grandmother to a little boy.

Reading a chart is easy but interpreting what you’re reading is what makes all the difference in the world.

“Astrology is not a fortune-telling discipline”, Miller explains. “Instead, astrology is a tool to help people pilot their lives. It has nothing to do with predicting the future or guessing what happened in the past. It has everything to do with math. It’s cracking the code on symbols and interpreting universal signs of the zodiac.”

Astrology Zone


With a predisposition to see everyone with positive regard and a deep passion for what she does, Miller has created an empire around astrology and solidified her name as one of the most credited professionals in the field. In 1995, she founded Astrology Zone, a website that is ever-growing, as we speak, to an astonishing 11 million readers a year. She is the author of 12 astrology books and writes monthly columns for six international magazines, from Brazil to Japan to Greece and Turkey.

One immersion on her website AstrologyZone and that’s enough to hook you up. Unlike most horoscopes that give a very generic scoop of each sign, she writes pages and pages about the planetary trends and how they can affect each sign.

There is a lot of attention and respect to details in her writing and she often shares on social media with her readers, how many hours it took to write each sign, the word count, the reason it’s important to read, and how you can use that piece of information to your advantage.

In other words, it’s astrology bearing psychology, bearing therapy, bearing self-reflection — as these fields blend and become one.

I’m not sure if Harry Potter’s approach to the mystical has anything to do to push the occult subject of astrology into the mainstream, but in recent years, it proliferated across the internet.

Susan Miller Calendar
More random pages from the beautiful calendar.


Astrology Enterprenuer

In fact, technology and social media were game-changer for Miller’s business. She created an app called “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller” on Apple Store and Google Play. She posts daily on Instagram, which allows her to engage and create close relationships with a community of readers around the globe. Harvesting the fruits of this relationship happens in so many ways: from getting direct messages and responses about the effects of a lunar eclipse, to knowing how many people got affected by a Mercury retrograde. With a click of a button, the research is available to her.

If you have no idea what the heck is Mercury retrograde, don’t worry. I didn’t know either. “Keeping track of Mercury retrograde periods can allow you to increase your productivity and avoid at least some of the frustration they can bring about” it’s written on her website. In other words, she says “the energy of the planets can sometimes tell us to wait for a better time and avoid the retrograde period.”

Miller manages a team of 17 people across the country, from graphic designers to illustrators to writers, editors, and web developers. It’s a full business and something she does with extreme devotion and pride.

Since the pandemic, Miller’s work has been at an ever-high demand, as everyone is curious to know: what’s next? While many people are a little skeptical to search for a psychic or a tarot card reader, astrology which is based on the study of planets seems to have a fundamental science aspect as an entry point for those who would normally discard such beliefs.

“Astrology is built on math and geometry, and I get all my information from NASA”, Miller tells me.

It takes time to develop such fine-tune confidence when reading charts. Miller’s parents never had any doubt of their daughter’s ability to find her role in life, and she made it a mission to help and motivate other people to embrace life as they see it.

Miller talks about her mother with fond memories of one that left too soon. Listening to her story, it’s pretty clear that the mother-daughter bond was not only a special one but capable of miracles. “My mom always knew I would walk again. When I was back in surgery, I had my mother’s face with me, telling me, you can do this”, Miller recalls. “That’s what I want to do with my clients.”

As I started reading AstrologyZone, I now consult the site before making an important move. Better yet, I bought Susan Miller’s Astrological Wall Calendar; a gorgeous piece of stationery to have on my desk, or hang by the wall, which contains tips and details about the best and worst days of the year.


susan miller calendar
Inspired Illustrations for an inspiring year.

Since we are in the middle of year, here are few upcoming exciting dates to look for:

June 24th, 2021 “Fantastic! Good fortune Jupiter will send golden beams to the full moon and Sun, delivering outstanding luck.”

July 9th, 2021 “Happy surprises abound in weeks ahead due to a sparkling vibration from Uranus to Sun + new moon.”

Stability is a fantasy, for sure. But to be certain of nothing is also petrifying. We all need some level of certainty in our lives. Getting a “forecast” from Susan’s horoscope about a divine plan coming from the stars, the sun, the planets, and the universe at large does help me calm my fears. Yes, it’s called astrology. But I also like to call it therapy.

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