November Diabetes Awareness Month

November Diabetes Awareness Month

A Touch of Sugar

This month is an especially exciting time to talk about Type 2 diabetes as November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Our campaign America’s Diabetes Challenge—and our documentary A Touch of Sugar— are both brining with outstanding awards and also comes with an enormous feeling of pride having just celebrated the Step Out Walk to Fight Diabetes in Philadelphia, and taken a moment to reflect on another impressive year raising awareness about type 2 diabetes. There is so much to share!

When you see the film A Touch of Sugar (click above to see trailer) , you will hear about the amazing stories told through the voices of people living with the disease and their loved ones and advocates. Merck is determined to help raise the education about type 2 diabetes and to increase awareness and barriers to care, to spark action and, ultimately, to confront America’s type 2 diabetes epidemic head on, one community and one patient at a time.

Further in the film, we look at the importance of diet, cooking and exercising, from the personal voice and experience of award-winning actress Viola Davis, to a cooking session with Susie Katona in Yucca Valley, California. And of course, we feature some amazing recipes on our web site so that you can make good use of it.

I’m so inspired by the mission and work of Americas Diabetes Challenge and am equally motivated by the vote of confidence acting as the spokesperson for the campaign and the interaction with Merck as our sponsor. Thanks to Merck’s support, we are able to invest in this documentary, enhance our mission, provide a bigger platform, and continue our journey.

Since the film’s premiere in April, we have received over 800 requests from individuals and organizations to view and host screenings of the film to educate their networks and communities. A Touch of Sugar also continues to be recognized by and accepted into film festivals around the country.

I’m also delighted to report that the documentary airs nationally on A&E on November 17 at 9am ET and FYI Network on November 18 at 10pm ET and November 23 at 10:30am ET and November 25 ay 8:30am ET.

Scene from A Touch of Sugar

You can also head to to request to watch the film or host a screening. On the website, you’ll find educational resources to help improve diabetes management and a discussion guide to learn more about how you can make a difference in your local community.

Always evolving as a professional, my new cookbook Latin Superfoods, has just released, and the response has been extremely positive! The book is completely inspired by my work with America’s Diabetes Challenge with lots of recipes for the whole family to enjoy. I’ve been touring the tristate area with cooking segments and sharing the incredible recipes that are meant to help you eat better, make good food choices, and perform at your peak in all aspects of your life. And every season there is more cooking, more photos, and more stories that inspire. They are made to be used and to be useful.

Latin Superfoods

With all these advancements, we continue to reach for more. I look forward to the work we are doing, to continue to lead the campaign, and helping people make better food choices, to increase the education for communities affected by type 2 diabetes, and to build prominence in the health and wellness fields via cooking.

I’m so grateful for being part of this important documentary, to share these delicious recipes in a new cookbook, and to partner with others who are also engaged in what we are seeking to accomplish!

I hope you enjoy seeing the interviews, watching the documentary, and cooking from Latin Superfoods!



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