My New Cookbook: Latin Superfoods!

Latin Superfoods

Latin Superfoods

My New Cookbook Latin Superfoods is due out October 15th by Skyhorse Publishing! I can’t believe it!

In this book, I write recipes that are super healthy yet unapologetically delicious that help you eat better, make good food choices, and perform at your peak in all aspects of your life. And in every page there is more cooking, more photos, more recipes and more stories that inspire. They are made to be used and to be useful. Want a tease? How about Braised Chicken with Fennel and Oranges (photo below), featured in Latin Superfoods is just one of the many recipes that will have you signing in the kitchen! Oh yeah! We cook through life in the kitchen with a bit of singing and dancing allowed! If you want to see videos that inspire too, check out my YouTube Channel! 

Thank you so much for your support throughout the years! Pre-order your copy today on Amazon to get this recipe and many more!

Chicken with Fennel & Oranges
Braised Chicken with Fennel & Oranges


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