We Don't Have Time For Anything!

We Don’t Have Time For Anything!

What is the meaning of luxury?

The immediate thought of the word brings a pacifying sense of aristocracy to mind, with the picture of a dress by Valentino, or a bag from Prada, a perfume from Chanel, or the penthouse suite of the Four Seasons Hotel.

Yes, these are the branded luxuries that we all associate with the word, and dream to consume one day.

Luxury can also be a little bit more mundane. For example, to be able to take your kids to school every day, meet with friends for lunch, or visit your grandmother on a Sunday morning.

In my opinion, the real meaning of luxury is not related to any of that, but mostly—to time.

Time to do the things you love, especially in this day and age, when we run against the clock to get everything done.

You have to renew your driver’s license, go for a haircut, take your son to the orthodontist, put air in the bike’s tire, buy cold cuts for sandwiches, go to the gym everyday, pick up your daughter at dance class, call the plumber to fix the dishwasher, take your dog for a walk, return a box at UPS, reply to 200 e-mails a day, post daily on social media, and still have 8 hours a day to work. Did you mention sleep? What’s that?

I’m sorry, but does your day still run on a 24-hour shift? If it does, congratulations! I must have slipped on something, because five hours of my day just vanished from me! I am exhausted!

What if behind all of our excuses, the real cause of our lack of time, might not even be associated with time itself ?

Can you give a ride to uncle Joe to the train station on a rainy Friday night at 7 pm? Sorry uncle, but I have a meeting.

Your neighbor’s son is participating in the high school theater playing the main role. Sorry neighbor, but I can’t make it, I have a dinner that night.

Does this sound familiar to you? We don’t have time for anything that we don’t want to do, and nobody can say that you are not nice, because they are on the same boat! But maybe in reality, what we may lack, is not time—is interest.

A few years ago (or perhaps a few decades ago), there was no such excuses, but today, thanks to everyone’s incredibly overbooked schedules, it has just become acceptable.

Going back to the meaning of luxury, I guess I came up with my own definition:

Luxury = having time to do the things you love and makes you feel good!

I will share with you some memorable times I had in my life — those of which I consider to be luxury!

Luxury (to me) was seeing my daughter‘s team win the National Cheer Competition!

My daughter and her Cheerleading Team winning the National Championship, circa 2014

Luxury (to me) is having time to make brigadeiros with my kids.

Circa 2007 (photo by Scott Phillips)

Luxury (to me) is seeing my kids playing with other kids and nature, instead of electronic devices.

Thomas, Bianca (my kids) and Nicole and Isabelle Cohen (my friend Tatiana Cohen’s daughters) playing in Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Luxury is eating a fresh pastel at the farmer’s market in Rio de Janeiro (my hometown);

Being on a bike, is luxury (to me);

Luxury is to have interest in the smallest and simplest moments in life!

What about you? I would love for you to share some of the most luxuries moments in your life!

And on that note, I want to wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day! May your life be filled with luxuries of all kinds!



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