Home Cooking with Sylvio Geluda

Home Cooking with Sylvio Geluda

9 Feb 2011 Blog

Part Two

Back in the United States, I started to wonder how would Sylvio cook his delicious Moqeuca if he was in my American kitchen, with the ingredients we have here, shopping at Fariway like I do. I closed my eyes and imagined him saying “ use shrimp”.

It’s not that we don’t have a good substitute for Patinha de Caranguejo. In fact we do– the American Stone Crab Claw would make an excelent moqueca! But I also learned from Sylvio to be practical, and moqueca is an extremely flexible dish. If you make it with shrimp – call it a Shrimp Moqueca; use fish, call it a Fish Moqueca, and so forth. And there I was, at Fairway, looking at some beautiful shrimp – inspired by Sylvio to cook Moqueca.

Stay tuned for the recipe! One thing I can assure you is that no matter what seafood you use, this dish is a crowd pleaser!

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