Nature Summer Season

My Summer Season A to Z

We are in the heart of the summer!!  How to enjoy the remaining days of this beautiful season? A round-up from My Summer Season A

How To Make a Terrarium

Ready to learn How to Make a Terrarium? What is the first word associated with a Terrarium? AQUARIUM. Precisely. A terrarium is an “aquarium” made

A Taste of Hudson, New York

Hudson is a charming little town rooted in rich history. To have A Taste of Hudson, New York is only 120 miles north of New

Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake

If you’re looking how to make Tres Leches Cake you’re at the right place! This cake is a wonder: very simple to make, impressive to

Chocolate Sorbet

Chocolate Sorbet

  If there was ever a recipe to sum up a great discovery in the 1980’s, chocolate sorbet was it. Adored for its smooth texture

How to Make French Cheese Puffs

French Cheese Puffs

I have been making Gougere, or French Cheese Puffs for years and there is always a conflict in me because this is a delicious French

Ferris Ice Cream in Connecticut

Ferris Ice Cream in Connecticut

Okay, I admit it. I’m always looking for new food trends. Novelty. Never seen. Launching. Debuting. But here is a little secret: sometimes, all I

Chocolate Almond Cake Julia Child

Chocolate Almond Cake Julia Child

  This recipe for Chocolate Almond Cake Julia Child is part of a story I wrote on this website about the TV Series “Julia”, now

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