Your Solution for Virtual Team Building Events

Virtual Cooking Experience

Connect over cooking! With remote work in place, team bonding is a great way for members to interact beyond regular work content.

Gimme the Deets!

Here is what I need to know:

  • Your group size
  • Some potential dates that work for you
  • Types of food you’d like to cook


Ready to Cook?

I specialize in virtual cooking classes for corporate events, team bonding, birthday parties, couple’s night out (or in this case, in), digital events, virtual conferences and more.

Empowering People to Feel Responsible for Their Own Well-being Through Food & Cooking

The Best Kind of Virtual Meeting

Learn how to make your favorite recipes in a virtual cooking experience. You get the step-by-step tutorial to create your favorite mouth-watering meals from scratch.

English – Spanish – Portuguese


We can work from anywhere in the world!
Click HERE for my multilingual reel.


What’s included:

Customized Menu

Recipes, Shopping & Equipment List

Social Media Promo Kit

Multiple Cameras & Studio Lights

Tech Check

Live Virtual Experience with Chef Leticia

Inspiring People to Get Healthy in The Kitchen