Blueberry Catupiry Tart

Catupiry Blueberry Tart

    I’ve been thinking about how to use catupiry in desserts. This Catupiry Blueberry Tart is the answer! Other than Romeo and Julieta, a

Chocolate Cupuçú Cake

Chocolate Cupuaçú Cake

This Chocolate Cupuaçú Cake is not a fast recipe, but well worth the time to make it. If you’re looking for Olympian baking, this is

Pudim de Leite

Pudim de Leite

Brazilian Crème Caramel, or Pudim de Leite is a benchmark of Brazilian sweets. Almost every cuisine has its version of flan, but what makes the

Brazilian Caipirinha

Of all things Brazilian, you’ve probably heard of the Brazilian Caipirinha, our heraldic emblem and one of Brazil’s greatest contributions to the food and wine

Beef Brodo

If you are reading this page, you are probably considering making beef brodo at home. Congratulations! Your cooking will never be the same! When I

Sonhos (Portuguese Doughnuts)

Over the years, I’ve tried a myriad of Christmas desserts, from chocolate cakes to tiramisu, puddings, and pies. One treat I haven’t tried in a

Chocolate Sheet Birthday Cake

Let’s talk about Chocolate Sheet Birthday Cake. What do you do when a firm asks you to prepare a birthday cake in a one-hour virtual

Pumpkin Flan

Talk about flan to any Brazilian and we jump at it, for our love for Pudim de Leite is too strong.  Combine the love of

Brazilian Quentão Recipe

I wasn’t exactly in a cozy room when I tried the Brazilian Quentão Recipe, a spiced tea made with chachaça, but I quickly immersed myself in

Radiatore Al Pesto

Radiatore Al Pesto

You say pasta, I say say pesto!  Radiatore al Pesto! When it comes to making fast, healthy and delicious meals, we’ve go to be efficient.

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