How To Make Brigadeiros

What’s that? A truffle? A fudge? You want to know the recipe everyone is talking about, clicking, pinning, and drooling over the internet more than any other this week? BRIGADEIROS! Silky, chewy, fuggy, and chocolaty, brigadeiro, is an undiscovered candy from Brazil waiting to become your next vice.

I’m over the moon and beside myself to tell you some awesome news:

Thanks to Bon Appetit, now anyone who loves chocolate can make brigadeiros!

Just think about all the occasions we have for giving a gift; a bridal shower, housewarming, mother’s day, father’s day—this holiday season!

Tangible expressions of caring and love can be wrapped and given in so many ways. And now, you can add Brigadeiros to the list.

Because a handmade gift, especially a food gift like Brigadeiros, represents creative energy and time spent in the kitchen—like a homemade hug!

Find the article here.

Photos on this post are a credit to Bon Appetit. Photo by Laura Murray, Food Styling by Micah Morton


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Friday Night Rolling Brigadeiros

Friday Night Rolling Brigadeiros

22 Jun 2012 Blog

It’s Friday night, rainy, and dark outside.

Brigadeiros rolled in cocoa powder
Brigadeiros rolled in cocoa powder

I have an event tomorrow where I will bring tons brigadeiros.

I got kids. Two of them. Together, that makes 6 hands to roll brigadeiros.

More hands, more brigadeiros
More hands, more brigadeiros

Singing DJ Got Us Falling In Love, that’s our activity for the night.

My daughter Bianca, took care of the candy cups
My daughter Bianca, took care of the candy cups
My son Thomas, passing brigadeiros in the cocoa
My son Thomas, passing brigadeiros in the cocoa

What’s yours?